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Diving with whales, spending hours in blinds, hiking through snowstorms for days, and enduring some of the harshest conditions to achieve stunning photos or video footage; the life of a conservation photographer seems romantic. However, the conditions take a toll, both physically and mentally. The photographers and filmmakers work in lonely and isolated areas, often for weeks on end just for a glimpse of what they came to see, just for the prospect of creating an image that might make a difference.

The International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) is a global Fellowship of extraordinary photographers and filmmakers whose work aligns with the organization's mission: supporting environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography and filmmaking. This exhibit celebrates 15 years: 15 years as an organization, 15 years striving towards positive change, and 15 years of community and support. We know our work is far from over but we hope this exhibit will showcase the tremendous effort of the iLCP Fellows and inspire us all to continue pushing the needle of conservation.

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If built, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline would have disrupted the pristine landscape & impact historic communities.

If the ACP was completed, it would have stretch over 600 miles. Beginning in northern West Virginia, the path ran south and east into Virginia, crossing the Appalachian Trail and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The route along steep mountainous terrain stirred fears of landslides and water contamination. Bridging the James River, it would have intersected the 10,000-mile-long TRANSCO pipeline system, which carries natural gas from south to north through five separate parallel gas lines.

As it left the mountains, the pipeline would have disrupted many homes and communities, cutting through farms, tree plantations, and vineyards. The geology of the Blue Ridge-Piedmont interface makes the rugged topography of Nelson County some of the most landslide-prone terrain in the United States, while the more gently rolling countryside of Buckingham County is more heavily cultivated.

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This Earth Day, April 22, 2022 step into a beautiful free virtual exhibition put together by iLCP with contributions from our  photographers all over the world. Due to the global nature of our membership, we are perfectly poised to share stories and powerful visuals of the worrying impacts of climate change on species and ecosystems worldwide. The exhibit explores climate impacts on forests, polar regions, oceans, wetlands, species at risk and at the intersection of humans and climate change. But our photographers also aim to capture stories of hope and to inspire the public to care while there is still time.

In keeping with the theme of "Invest in Our Planet", iLCP is offering a print sale of images portrayed in the exhibit. By purchasing an image, you are directly investing in the work of our talented Fellowship of photographers and filmmakers who have made it their life's work to protect and conserve our planet. While browsing the exhibit keep in mind the photographers whose work speaks to you and when you are finished head over to this link to explore the print sale

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