Featured Photographer: Tom Vierus

Tom has been photographing for more than half his life. His background with a B.Sc. in Biology and a M.Sc. in Tropical Marine Ecology is a strong asset in his storytelling approach and allows him to cover his assignments with a broadened perspective. 

Tom focuses on conservation photojournalism and environmental storytelling. A major component of his work lies in science communication, helping scientists, NGOs, and institutes communicate their stories and efforts in a visually appealing way.

Tom films and photographs above and below the water surface for a variety of clients, such as the World Wildlife Fund, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Conservation International and the United Nations Development Progamme.

Based in Fiji, Tom's assignments take him mostly throughout the Pacific region, where he documents conservation successes and failures, anthropogenic impacts in the environment, traditional ways of life, and climate change-related consequences.

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