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Women on a Mission

'Women on a Mission' is an original digital series created by Katie Bryden for Conservation International. It's goal is to uplift the voices of local and indigenous women conservation leaders. The second episode in the series, 'Women on a Mission: Poachers to Peacekeepers,' is about a peacekeeper in Northern Kenya who risks her life spearheading the battle against ivory poaching and defusing conflict between pastoralists. 'Women on a Mission: Poachers to Peacekeepers" is the winner of the ACFF Super Short Award and is a DCEFF, Jackson Wild, and Livable Planet Finalist. You can also find the film streaming on the WaterBear Network.

Women on a Mission, Poachers to Peacekeepers
Conservation International is highlighting incredible leaders making a difference in their communities.Josphine Ekiru grew up in the Turkana pastoralist comm...

Katie Bryden
Apr 23, 2021


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