iLCP is proud to release our updated Ethical Guidelines and Practical Considerations.

iLCP’s mission is to support environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography and filmmaking. Therefore, ethics are central to everything we do. Our Fellows commit to maintaining the highest ethical standards and pledge to not only engage in professional and ethical behavior, but also advance ethical thinking, lead by example, and encourage others to commit to ethical photography and filmmaking where and when possible.

Commitment: Underpinning our goal to maintain the highest ethical standards, iLCP members commit to the following key principles:

Minimize negative impacts

We commit to conscientiously minimize any negative impact we may have on the world, the areas where we work, and the wildlife and people we photograph or film, either directly at the time of taking images, how our images are used, or as a consequence of the example we set to others and/or the perceptions we create.

Consideration for the welfare and conservation of humans, animals, fungi, plants as well as the integrity of the landscapes and waterscapes in which we work, will be placed above all else. When dealing with wildlife, priority will be given to minimizing any negative physical, emotional, or behavioral impacts we may have.

Honesty, authenticity, and accuracy

iLCP members commit to authenticity, accuracy, and transparency in image capture, post-production, portrayal, captioning, and storytelling.


We commit to behaving respectfully to all with whom we work, engage and come in contact with, whether human, animal, fungi, plant, or other organisms as well as the landscapes and waterscapes in which we work. When working with Indigenous people and local cultures, we will respect and accurately represent their cultural values and traditions.

In all places we work, we will familiarize ourselves with, and follow, all appropriate laws, regulations, and customs. 

Integrity and Professionalism

Our ability to achieve our conservation goals is inextricably linked to our integrity and professionalism. 

Our behavior reflects the integrity of our work, represents the work of all iLCP members and iLCP as an organization, and influences other photographers and filmmakers worldwide.


We commit to hold ourselves and our organization accountable to strict adherence to these Ethical Principles.

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